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Kgothatso Madisa reported for the Sunday Times that the ANC seeks to challenge the Political Party Funding Act, which has been in law for less than a year. It was implemented in April after it was signed by Ramaphosa in January last year.

The act requires parties to disclose funding sources of more than R100,000 and limits single donor funding to R15m per year.

ANC national executive committee member Dakota Legoete said the ANC was not the only party that wanted the law amended.

“We are taking it back to parliament for it to be amended. It is not only the ANC who say the act must be amended. It includes the EFF, DA and other parties. We are all affected.”

Legoete said the ruling party wanted the minimum and maximum funding threshold to be done away with.

“We want to amend it because what we are saying is that let the act not be rigid, but let’s rather bring regulations to control activities of parties.”

In November last year, the Electoral Commission released the second-quarter funding disclosures.

The ANC received R22m in monetary donations, with Ramaphosa in his personal capacity and businessman Patrice Motsepe among its donors.

Ramaphosa made two donations of R166,000 and R200,000 and Motsepe’s African Rainbow Minerals donated R5.8m. The party’s biggest donor was the Chancellor House Trust, which does business on behalf of the party, which donated R15m.