Hamilton Ndlovu involved in money laundering

Hamilton Ndlovu is in some legal trouble after SIU reports link him to the 42 million rands that have been laundered into his account. His name is one of the many guilty parties involved with the crime. Two officials have since resigned before the investigation ensued. 

The Instagram millionaire has shown off his five expensive cars to all his followers. But, right now, he might be regretting showing off all his expensive assets. According to SARS, all this money he has spent is unaccounted for and irregular. As a result, Hamilton Ndlovu will be appearing in court by March. 

How did Hamilton Ndlovu get caught? 

Well, since Hamilton felt brave enough to share all his lavish assets, SARS felt it appropriate to look into the money he had been spending. Turns out, the money could not be accounted for as SARS could not trace a cent. 

Hamilton Ndlovu and his wife are said to have both been involved in the money laundering scandal. The two met when they were 22-years-old and have three children together. His lavish lifestyle could not go unnoticed and some of his properties have since been lost as he owes the government a lot of money. 

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Laundered money was for PPE

Hamilton Ndlovu and his wife has been arrested in 2021 and were granted R20 000 bail. The 42 million rands were laundered at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic and were intended for personal protective equipment during the height of the pandemic. However, Hamilton sought to get the bulk of it for himself. 

According to Briefly, the cars he had purchased were for himself, his wife, his father, and his child. A lot of his possessions have since been confiscated. So, it is estimated that only around 15 million rands were spent on personal protective equipment rather than the actual budgeted amount. 

Currently, all those that have been responsible for the illegal transactions will be held accountable.